Joe DiVita

September 6, 2016

The Top 5 AdWords Scripts for Any Account

Here at AdBasis we are all about automation. One great tool that AdWords offers out of the box is the ability to add custom scripts to your AdWords account. These scripts allow users to automate tasks such as tagging / pausing keywords, creating custom data reports, detecting abnormalities within accounts, and a lot more.

Listed below are a few of our favorite scripts that we have used here at AdBasis for our own AdWords account.

Quality Score Tracker

Quality Score in AdWords is extremely important. It impacts everything from Ad Placement to Cost Per Click. Because of this, monitoring quality score over time is pretty much a no brainer, and is why this is one of the first scripts we typically set up in our accounts. Monitoring this value over time allows us to see what kind of impact any major account changes have had, as well as keep an eye out for any declining performance in our account overall.

This snippet is an example of a quality score tracker and is sourced from - a really great site for finding useful AdWords Scripts.

Another no brainer is the broken links script, courtesy of the Google AdWords team. When an AdWords account starts to scale and landing pages start to evolve, ensuring all ads still contain valid urls can become a major pain point. Avoiding 404’s will keep brand positioning high and ensure all traffic is being capitalized on. Setting up a simple link checking script is an easy way to regularly monitor ads for broken links.

This script checks to make sure all of our final URLs return a proper 200 status (ie the page exists and renders without an error) and will email alerts to members of of the team if any errors are indeed found.

Keyword Conflict Detection

As accounts grow, so do the amount of keywords, both positive and negative. The Keyword Conflict Script helps identify any keyword conflict wherein a negative keyword is blocking a positive keyword.

Keyword Labeler

Another useful script as accounts & keyword lists grow, is the Keyword Labeler Script. In this script conditions can be defined that label keywords based on their performance. Additionally, keywords that are in different categories, such as “branded” or “competitor” can be labeled accordingly. This allows us to easily filter and identify keywords that are underperforming, or performing exceptionally, in which case we can quickly make changes to our account if we see fit.

Performance Anomalies

Albeit a bit more complex, the Performance Anomalies Script is a pretty cool one.

It looks at metrics for AdGroups or Keywords and checks to see if any of them are more than 2 standard deviations away from the mean for that particular metric. If so, the entity is then tagged with an appropriate label.

This allows us to easily identify AdGroups or Keywords that are, in the words of the author Russell Savage, “performing much better or much worse than its siblings”. You can read more about it on

Great Starting Point

Reusing AdWords Scripts from sites like FreeAdWordsScripts and Google’s own samples page is a great starting point. However, you will most likely have to customize each for your particular needs. Some examples of this include:

  1. If you wish to run a script for an MCC account (rather than a single account) some modifications may need to be made if you are sourcing a script made to run for a single account.

  2. A script may have to run multiple times before it completely finishes. This can be the case if an account is very large and AdWords quotas are hit before the script is complete.

  3. The AdWords API is constantly changing, so older samples of scripts may throw errors or not work as intended.

Just keep it in mind that you may need to fine tune pre-existing scripts for your particular use case. Thus, having a decent understanding of Javascript (the language used to write AdWords Scripts) will go a long way.

Have any AdWords Scripts that you find extremely useful? We’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment or tweet at us below!

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