Jason Puckett

May 26, 2015

3 Ways to Use AdBasis Custom Parameters in Your Tests

AdBasis gives advertisers the ability to dynamically insert custom ad content into ad tests, giving you options that AdWords does not possess.

Here are some ways to use it:

Dynamically Insert City or State Name Into Your Ad Copy

This is a great use-case for companies that have structured their AdWords campaigns by geography. If you’d like to run a test in multiple geographies and insert the City or State name into the Headlines, Descriptions or URLS, AdBasis will make this automatic.

Hypothesis: "If I include geo-specific ad content in my Headline and D1, I will improve CTR"

AdBasis Final Url

When You Hard-Code Your URL Parameters but Would Still Like to Run Ad Tests

If your tracking parameters are hard-coded into your URLs, testing is very difficult. Use the AdBasis Custom Parameters to automatically insert tracking for new variations across multiple Campaigns or Ad Groups.

AdBasis Final Url

Dynamically Insert Product Name or Product Line Into Ad Copy

Let’s A/B test product specific ad copy vs. none-specific ad copy across multiple campaigns or ad groups… and aggregate that data for multiple product lines and measure as a whole. How would you do that? AdBasis Dynamic Parameter Insertion.

AdBasis Final Url

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