Jason Puckett

December 7, 2015

The 3 Magic Words of Mobile Advertising

We have created a lot of ad tests, a LOT. We’re talking over 3,000 ad tests in 2015. Some are mobile ad tests, some are not; but no matter what industry, vertical, or audience, there are three magic words that can drastically improve your mobile conversion rate. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or B2C, you need mobile specific content and these three words will help.

What Are These 3 Magic Words?

  • From
  • Your
  • Phone

When strung together and inserted in your description line 2, you will see an improvement in your mobile ads’ conversion rate. Our clients ran this exact test 48 times in 2015 (comparing D2s that use “from your phone” to ads that do not use mobile specific calls-to-action) and 42 times it yielded a positive change to conversion rate.

The average increase in conversion rate based on the 42 positive examples is +36.6%. Yes, this single test on average increases conversion rate by 36.6%. 12 times out of 48 this test more than doubled conversion rate (100%+ lifts).

What Does It Look Like?

Mobile Testing

Creating unique acquisition marketing content for both mobile and desktop individually is absolutely imperative. If you don’t have ads and landing pages for each device specifically, please stop reading this, and go build them, it’s THAT important. Ok, maybe wait until you’re done reading because we are going to give you some pointers.

Speak to Your Awesome Mobile Experience

Because you’re reading this, it means you’re probably a halfway decent marketer with a mobile friendly conversion process. Talk about it in your ads.

Eliminate the Mobile Fear

The main reason this simple call to action revision is so powerful has to do with perceived obstacles related to mobile check-out experience. For so long, many brands did not offer an easy experience for mobile users to actually complete a purchase.

Almost all companies have revised this mentality but the negative perception from users is still prominent, especially in older demographics (baby boomers). Eliminate it by making users feel warm and fuzzy with your mobile content.

Create the Mobile Specific Call to Action

Yes, it’s that simple but so many advertisers don’t do it. Create an experiment specifically for mobile, and only alter the Description 2 in the ad. Watch your conversions grow. Then potentially test this mobile content in the other ad fields.


  • Buy ___ from your phone!
  • Get a quote from your phone!

You’re Now Equipped

You don’t need to be a CRO specialist to see some huge gains in the first few weeks from mobile ad testing. There is a strong chance that if you implement this simple copy change, you will see gains.

Thanks so much and as always, please feel free to reach out with any other testing questions.

Have a question for us? We'd love to hear from you!

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