Andy Angelos

November 2, 2015

All Things Tested - Co-Founder of SocialKaty & SocialDevCamp, Andy Angelos

The “All Things Tested” series is taking an interesting turn. In today’s addition, we are focusing on the testing that takes place within a startup marketing agency. SocialKaty was a digital agency of about 20 employees at the time of its acquisition by Manifest Digital in 2014. In order to grow an agency and maximize profitability, leadership must test the structural integrity of the organization. We have brought in Andy Angelos, COO & Co-Founder of SocialKaty to provide our readership with some insights from his experience building and growing an agency from the ground up.

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Sean McEntee

August 31, 2015

All Things Tested - 3Q Digital's Sean McEntee

Sean McEntee - 3Q Digital

As the AdBasis team continues through our “All Things Tested” content series, we refocus on the industry in which testing can have the biggest impact, digital advertising. We decided to ask one of the best agencies in the game, 3Q Digital. AdBasis & 3Q have partnered in the ad testing realm to crack eggs of knowledge on the heads of our readers.

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Jenny Beightol

May 19, 2015

All Things Tested - Belly's Director of Words and Reputations, Jenny Beightol

Jenny Beightol - Belly

As the AdBasis team continues the “All Things Tested” series, we move into the branding area of the marketing mix to begin asking questions. How do the pros collect their knowledge? What are they testing? What’s the difference between scientific approach and gut instinct? We had the opportunity to sit down with Jenny Beightol, Belly’s Director of Words and Reputations, to discuss the things she tests when approaching brand.

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