Joe DiVita

October 12, 2015

New! Automatic Marin Parameter Generation

Prior to the AdWords Final URL switch, if an AdWords manager was using 3rd party software to deploy new ad variations to AdWords (such as AdBasis), Marin would detect that new ads had been created, and automatically append a MKWID parameter to the Destination URL. This allowed users to deploy through other 3rd party tools and still utilize Marin tracking.

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Jason Puckett

September 28, 2015

A/B Testing for Mobile App Install Campaigns

AdBasis now offers A/B & Multivariate testing for Mobile App Install ads. Now companies who are looking to improve app store optimization can do so through the AdBasis platform. The product is available to both agencies and advertisers, basically any organization looking to optimize ad content using app installs as the conversion goal.

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Jason Puckett

May 26, 2015

AdBasis Alert - A Seamless Transition to Final URLs

On June 1st, AdBasis will migrate our experiment creation process to the upgraded URL format within AdWords. We are working hard to ensure this transition is seamless and that your current experiments will not be interrupted or altered.

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Jason Puckett

March 28, 2015

Ad Copy Testing- Mobile Ads vs. Desktop Ads

A/B testing by device type (mobile ads and desktop ads) individually is imperative to the success of your AdWords strategy. This article will show you how to test the creative that resonates with mobile and desktop audiences individually.

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Jason Puckett

February 2, 2015

AdBasis Releases New Product to Change How Display and Retargeting Ads Are Optimized

The AdBasis team is proud to announce that we are expanding our ad testing product suite to include display and retargeting ads. The new products have been released and are built to change the way digital advertisers approach optimization for display ads. Our proprietary technology eliminates time needed from designers and automatically calculates optimal combinations of content and targeting in order to tell advertisers which changes make the biggest difference in CTR and conversion rate.

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