Jason Puckett

November 15, 2017

AdBasis Has Been Acquired by Airbnb

AdBasis and Airbnb

We're thrilled to share with you that as of November 13th 2017, AdBasis has been acquired by Airbnb. As part of Airbnb, our team will continue to pave the way in digital creative testing & optimization technology.

We look forward to continuing to change the way the world views ads.

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Jason Puckett

May 9, 2017

Optimize Your Ad Testing Schedule and Structure — Six Best Practices

There comes a time in every advertisers' life when they are in the process of executing their ad copy testing plan and aren’t seeing the results they want. There is a BIG difference between running a test in your college stats class and implementing an experiment in a high-performing AdWords account. No longer can you simply flip to the back of a textbook to find the answer.

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Jason Puckett

February 10, 2017

We A/B Tested $45M in Google Search Ads - Here's What We Learned About Headlines

A/B testing AdWords search ads is hard… but this study will make it just a bit easier. Through improvements in advertising technology, uncovering optimal ad creative for every audience and “scenario” is not only possible, it’s a must.

Since Google released the Expanded Text Ad (ETA) back in August, we have all wondered how to write the best possible ads in order to maximize the newly available ad space. If you’re asking the question “What Works Best in ETA Headlines?” this article is the most helpful piece of content you’re going to read on the topic. Yes, lots of data. We are all going to need to make this transition by January 31st if you have not already done so, so get ready for some knowledge.

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Jason Puckett

August 12, 2016

AB Test AdWords Expanded Text Ads - AdBasis

The ability to AB test Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads is now live in AdBasis. You might be scrambling to implement new creative and attempt to measure which creative is working in the account. Fear not, we are here to help.

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Jason Puckett

June 10, 2016

New! AdBasis Dashboard Update

AdBasis has revised your Dashboard to be more applicable to daily experimentation. The goal is to provide a clear depiction of your return from testing.

What’s New?

  • Average improvement by KPI, for your account as a whole
  • Average improvement...

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Jason Puckett

May 18, 2016

Implementing and Testing Ad Copy Across Multiple AdWords Accounts

Implementing and testing ad copy across multiple AdWords accounts is incredibly difficult. If you’re a retailer, franchisor or mid level / enterprise level advertiser - you may have several, several dozen or even several hundred AdWords accounts. This presents a unique set of challenges; days can be spent implementing new ad creative across your brands. Weeks can be spent attempting to gather information on cross-account performance, to little avail.

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Joe DiVita

February 2, 2016

Ad Testing for Multiple Conversion Types

AdBasis now supports ad testing for multiple conversion types within AdWords.

The platform now automatically syncs with the conversion types you have defined in your AdWords account and includes data for each conversion type in your experiment reports...

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