Jason Puckett

May 2, 2017

Improve Your AdWords Ad Copy — Three Changes You Can Make Right Now

AdWords ad copy is a major factor that drives performance. Here are three things you can do right now to improve your relevancy score.

1. Very Specific Pathways in Your URL

Display URL Pathways are the most under-utilized portion of an AdWords Expanded Text ad. I would make the argument that, second to Headline, Pathways are the easiest way to get a big win. Improving your perceived URL relevance is a great way to boost Quality Score and remain significant to the searcher.

When we acquire a new customer, more often than not, the customer has not spent time writing specific Pathways for ad groups. Updating the structure of your ads to include specific URL Pathways that are based on your search term is a great way to invest the necessary time — Make the process easier through our ad copy hack.

What Do Specific Pathways Look Like?

For our ad group targeting keyword [PPC AB Testing] and [PPC Testing]:

Ad Copy Change

For our ad group targeting keywords like [Expanded Text Ad Testing]:

Ad Copy Change

This method takes time to implement, but for companies that have not re-written their Pathways for each ad group, this is a simple way to see a quick lift in Click Through Rates.

2. Make Sure Your Product (or Service) and Category Appear in Your Ad Multiple Times

Whether you’re an eCommerce company, a service provider, or a manufacturer of OEM parts, you should tell people what you’re selling more than once. That could be through the manufacturer name, SKU, product (or service) category, or part number.

Why does this help?

Users Are More Likely to Perceive You As Relevant
If someone is interested in searching for your product by category rather than manufacturer, part #, brand or SKU, your ad will be perceived as more relevant by the user. Yes, users may be looking for a particular brand, SKU, or individual product, but showcasing the fact that you sell a breadth of related products may help inspire a click if the user isn’t locked into a decision yet.

Search Engine Relevance
Using both the product and product category in your ad copy will increase relevancy to a more extensive number of search queries. People search for things differently and including as many keywords as possible in the copy will improve the relevance to AdWords for more query- types.

Ad Copy Change

3. Write About Benefits

I’ve written about this topic extensively in previous articles. The principles are basic yet many advertisers ignore them.

For most AdWords copywriters using search terms and product features is enough to make a good ad. They mimic competition in an attempt to avoid missing something their competition is doing. With that thought process advertisers miss out on opportunities to differentiate.

Emotional search ads are not only possible in your 170 characters, but they are necessary. Using copy that strikes a nerve with your audience is the best way to generate a click that will ultimately lead to a purchase.

People Don’t Buy Features, They Fulfill Their Desires.

Yes, features can solve problems and fill needs. But when a user is searching they don’t want to read about that — take some time to truly understand your audience.

Almost every decision we make is driven by emotion. The deeply rooted desires of the human condition impact the decision-making process, even the search.

Here is a brief list of some basic needs that help you write better ads. Your customers are probably feeling one or more of these when they search:

Be Respected Be Liked Be Accepted
Be Needed Be Valued Be Understood
Be Right Be Treated Fairly Be in Control

Understanding the needs of your audience will help you address which of the above basic needs your product will help fill. Once you’ve identified the benefits, go ahead and put together some ad copy ideas that include these benefits. Always remember to test and measure creative.

Final Thoughts

These are some very simple ad copy changes that can often-times be overlooked. Whether you’re working at an agency or are an advertiser, priorities change and best practices can get lost in the shuffle. The final thought here is that no matter what your company’s current goals or initiatives are, performance should be number one. Don’t hesitate to be vocal if your company’s efforts are preventing you from implementing the best possible ad copy.

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