Jason Puckett

May 18, 2016

Implementing and Testing Ad Copy Across Multiple AdWords Accounts

Implementing and testing ad copy across multiple AdWords accounts is incredibly difficult. If you’re a retailer, franchisor or mid level / enterprise level advertiser - you may have several, several dozen or even several hundred AdWords accounts. This presents a unique set of challenges; days can be spent implementing new ad creative across your brands. Weeks can be spent attempting to gather information on cross-account performance, to little avail.

How Do I Know if Cross-Account Experiments Are Relevant to Me?

  • You are an advertiser with 5 or more AdWords accounts (yes, even if they are for separate brands or require unique copy)
  • You are an agency with a single client that possesses more than 5 AdWords accounts
  • You have franchisees with individual AdWords accounts and you’re trying to manage them
  • You are a physical-location retailer with individual AdWords accounts for each region or store

Challenges Solved:

Distributing Ad Copy Across Multiple AdWords Accounts

Easily filter, select and distribute your ad copy and ad copy tests to multiple AdWords accounts at once. This can eliminate days worth of work. Please investigate AdBasis Custom Parameters and how they can be used in your cross-account ad tests. AdBasis Custom Params are used when ad copy needs to be dynamically inserted by account, campaign or ad group.

Multi Account 1

Measuring Performance of Ad Copy Elements Across Multiple AdWords Accounts

AdBasis is going to centralize your multi-account experiments in a single dashboard. You will be able to recognize which ad variables make the biggest difference across accounts. AdBasis will calculate statistical significance and aggregate your sample sizes automatically.

Identify which creatives are optimal by device, location, product or ad group set.

Understanding How Ad Creative Impacts Each KPI or Conversion Type Across all of Your AdWords Accounts as a Whole

AdBasis allows you to drill down test results by individual micro-conversion. If you’re interested in seeing how ad creative impacts “Free Trials” vs. “Phone Calls” vs. “Sales” across all of your AdWords accounts as a whole, AdBasis makes it easy. We will then calculate statistical significance for you so you know your decision is reliable.

AdWords Conversion Types

Automatically Implement Changes Based on Your Findings Across All Accounts

Once you’ve found an ad that wins an ad test across all of your relevant accounts, campaigns or ad groups - use AdBasis to shut down suboptimal spending across all of your accounts at once.

No Longer Manager Multiple Sets of Ad Customizers or AdBasis Custom Parameters Across Accounts

If you have ad customizers set up in each of your AdWords accounts, there is no longer a need for this. Use a centralized list of AdBasis Custom Parameters to distribute dynamic ad copy across accounts.

Learn More

Multi-Account Copy Distribution is a Game-Changer for companies who are bogged down with the management of 5+ AdWords accounts.

Please contact us at Hello@AdBasis.com to learn more about how this will change your life!

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