Joe DiVita

October 12, 2015

New! Automatic Marin Parameter Generation

Prior to the AdWords Final URL switch, if an AdWords manager was using 3rd party software to deploy new ad variations to AdWords (such as AdBasis), Marin would detect that new ads had been created, and automatically append a MKWID parameter to the Destination URL. This allowed users to deploy through other 3rd party tools and still utilize Marin tracking.

However, after the Final URL switch, Marin has stopped doing this. Uploading ads to AdWords using a 3rd party tool, now requires multiple steps.

Currently users are required to first deploy ads, then pause all deployed ads, download them, and then upload them into Marin via a Bulk Sheet - which tags each variation with a new MKWID.

Introducing Automatic Marin Parameter Generation

With AdBasis’s new feature: Automatic Marin Parameter Generation, users are now saved the hassle of having to re-upload ads via bulk sheets in order to take advantage of Marin tracking.

You can enable this feature for your AdBasis accounts that use Marin by visiting the “Accounts” tab within the AdBasis platform, and selecting “Enable Automatic Marin Parameter Generation” (see below).

Once enabled, AdBasis will automatically generate and add a proper MKWID custom parameter to all new variations created from the AdBasis platform.

Marin Parameter Generation

Obviously, this is a huge time saver and will make deploying experiments through AdBasis even more seamless.

If you have any questions regarding this feature, please reach out to your AdBasis rep or email us at

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