Jason Puckett

January 2, 2017

Automate Your Ad Customizer Feeds - How to Update Price, Promotional Language, Inventory or Shipping Data in Your Ads Automatically

Are you manually managing Ad Customizer feeds? Do you have product data (like pricing, inventory numbers, brand name, etc.) that you’d like to show in your search ads but can't?

The AdBasis platform now offers a solution called Dynamic Feed. AdBasis Dynamic Feed allows you to pull data directly from your company’s database and insert it into your search ads, at scale… Now here’s the kicker - you can update this data at any frequency, automatically. Imagine a world where you’re inserting real-time shipping, price, promo or inventory information into your ad copy with zero manual work. That fantasy is now a reality.

Dynamic Feed

The Problem AdBasis Dynamic Feed Solves

Your ads contain information related to a specific product in your database but this information changes frequently.

Previously, having ads that contain specific data was a nightmare when this data changed frequently. PPC Managers needed to download data, transform it into feed format and manually upload to AdWords each time the information changed - this could be hourly, daily, weekly, etc. This is an impossible process to manage when you have hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of products in your database and/or multiple clients.

AdBasis Dynamic Feed does the following, automatically:

  1. Hooks into your company’s database via an FTP server
  2. Downloads the existing or “changed” data (at a frequency you define) - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  3. Associates the data to a specific product in your database
  4. Associates the product to a specific campaign or ad group
  5. Transforms data into feed/ad copy format
  6. Uploads feed to your Shared Library in AdWords automatically
  7. Your ads which contain ad customizers are now updated with current info :)

FTP Server

How Do I Know if AdBasis Dynamic Feed Right For Me?

  • You have to manage Ad Customizer feeds manually
  • You have inventory, promotional or pricing information that you’d like to include in your ads but can’t
  • You have ad groups for each product in your database and would like more precise information about each product to be shown in your ads

Get Creative - How Can This Data Be Used?

AdBasis Dynamic Feed can be used to insert literally anything into your ads. If the data is contained in your database, and is associated to a specific product, we can insert it into your ads. Some ideas include but are not limited to:

Shipping dates Delivery dates
Interest rates Discount %'s
Prices and inventory numbers Short - term pricing
Manufacturer / Brand Name Product Category

…the list goes on.

If you’re interested in trying this feature - as always - please email or call your AdBasis Sales Representative or Sign Up Here.

Have a question for us? We'd love to hear from you!

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