Jason Puckett

August 12, 2016

AB Test AdWords Expanded Text Ads - AdBasis

The ability to AB test Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads is now live in AdBasis. You might be scrambling to implement new creative and attempt to measure which creative is working in the account. Fear not, we are here to help.

Three Huge Value Propositions of Using AdBasis for ETAs:

  1. Roll Out ETA Creative Dynamically, At Scale - If you’re writing new creative and trying to update all of your ad groups with ETAs, stop what you’re doing and use AdBasis for this. AdBasis custom parameters are supported for ETAs, so you are able to dynamically insert content based on the ad group. Roll out your new creative dynamically, at scale.

  2. Test Standard Ads vs. Expanded Ads in the Same Experiment - If you’re curious about comparing metrics between the ad types, create different versions within AdBasis… one for standard ad format, one for ETAs.

  3. A/B and Multivariate Test Your Expanded Ads at Scale - There are some new variables, and now 45 possible extra characters. Use our guide, How to A/B Test Expanded Ads, to help you get started.

Step 1: Select Experiment Type

AdBasis allows you to import an existing ETA, an existing standard ad or create your variations from scratch

AdBasis Expanded Text Ads

Step 2: See the New Variables, Write the New Variables

Testing new variables is fun. AdBasis makes everything within an ETA testable! You will now have options to test H1/H2 and P1/P2. The only field AdBasis will allow you to leave blank is Paths. Just like in AdWords. Run full factorial multivariate tests, A/B tests and Split Tests.

AdBasis Expanded Text Ads

As you can see, the new ads look great in AdBasis:

AdBasis Expanded Text Ads

Step 3: That’s it!

The transition is easy. All of the reporting stays the same. The building process stays the same. The AdBasis platform you love is still the same, we just allow for a new ad type.

Happy testing!

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