Jason Puckett

February 2, 2015

AdBasis Releases New Product to Change How Display and Retargeting Ads Are Optimized

The AdBasis team is proud to announce that we are expanding our ad testing product suite to include display and retargeting ads. The new products have been released and are built to change the way digital advertisers approach optimization for display ads. Our proprietary technology eliminates time needed from designers and automatically calculates optimal combinations of content and targeting in order to tell advertisers which changes make the biggest difference in CTR and conversion rate.

“This product turns display and retargeting into a science” says CEO Jason Puckett, “The AdBasis platform is built to treat demographic, lifestyle and geographic targeting as variables within an optimization experiment.”

Currently, when an advertiser creates a display (or retargeting) ad within AdWords, AdRoll, Perfect Audience, etc. users are uploading and distributing flat images. With AdBasis, the user isn’t working with a static image, advertisers are creating and distributing dynamic combinations of ad variables that can be changed and measured to optimize for any conversion type.

Why is this such a big deal?

Your Designer is No Longer A Bottleneck

The AdBasis ad builder allows brands and agencies to transform approved media into dynamic images that are easily changed and tested within AdBasis. Designers simply upload approved images to the AdBasis media library and marketers can automatically generate variations, distribute ads and test changes.

No More Using Photoshop to Output Variations

Once you’ve made design changes within AdBasis, our tool tracks the change, logs it and generates the PNG file automatically. When you create an ad, you are simultaneously setting up your experiment.

The Ability to Find an Optimal Ad for Every Product or Audience

People buy products online for different reasons, yet advertisers don’t test and serve ads for specific conversions. Why? Current ad platforms don’t allow advertisers to take “buying scenario” into consideration when creating an ad test.


We want to eliminate questions like, “Which call-to-action will work best?” or “Which button color will work best?” because based on the principles behind multivariate testing, these questions can provide misleading results. Variables need to be tested and measured together for every audience individually.

In what way are AdBasis customers now thinking differently?

“When I serve an ad for Product X to Audience Y, which combination of button color and call-to-action will drive the most conversions on landing page Z?” AND “will this content combination still be optimal if I change X, Y or Z? Let’s test it”.

Know Why Your Ads Work - No More Excel

Our product provides advertisers with a completely measurable paid acquisition funnel. AdBasis automatically runs the regression analysis needed to know which of the changed variables within an ad made the biggest difference on the bottom line. No more tagging variations with variable values and creating full-factorial spreadsheets manually.


Statistical Significance Happens Automatically

The data needs to be reliable. AdBasis automatically calculates statistical significance for automated decision making. Once your ads have been exposed to a large enough sample size, AdBasis will tell you which ads perform best for that specific conversion or audience.

Statistical Significance

What now?

The product can be synced with your current AdWords account and can improve the ads you are already running. Create an account by clicking here or read more about AdBasis by clicking on the links below.

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